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1592 Northridge Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43224

About Me:

I am a computer graphics professional living in the Columbus, Ohio area with more than 15 years
of experience in the field. I am currently providing my services as a freelance consultant.

I'm lucky to have been able to study under the foremost pioneers and innovators in the field
of computer art.I've worked with many of the major computer animation, multi-media and
video and film production companies in the central Ohio area producing the highest quality imagery
for a variety of products and end clients.From this experience I've developed a keen eye
and a reputation for quality of work and innovative design
I endeavor to bring this demonstrated creativity, versitility and initiative to bear in providing
creative solutions to every client's needs.

As a freelancer, I feel that I am in an excellent position to provide the highest level of vision
and craftsmanship, directly... without the costly overhead.


1989 - 1992: The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD)
The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
Masters Program, Art Education; Computer Graphics and Animation
1983 - 1988: Loyola U. of Chicago - B.A., Fine Arts, Communication Design

1979 - 1983: Chicago Vocational High School - Major: Commercial Art / Design


Consultation on concepts, scripts and storyboards with clients and producers
Development of content/intellectual property for video,  web and multi-media 
Design and development of concepts for animation and graphics
Technical and Character Animation, Logos, Commercials and Special Effects
Architectural Rendering, Courtroom Simulation, Visualization, Interface Design
Design, fabrication and operation of animated props and puppets


2001 - Present: Computer Graphics Consulting
3D modeling, animation and custom graphics for video, film, interactive and web.

1997 - 2001: 3D Designer/Animator - Horizons Companies - Columbus, Ohio
Lightwave 3D, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Macromedia Flash

91-93,96-97: Freelance Animation -
providing graphics and animation for projects at various companies
Lightwave 3D, Alias/Wavefront Explore, and various software

1992 - 1996: Graphics Designer / Animator
Blak Boxx Computer Graphics - Columbus, Ohio
Lightwave 3D, and assorted software

1990 - 1992: Graduate Teaching Associate,
Dept. of Art Education. - The Ohio State University
Development of course materials.
Teaching undergraduate sections of computer art:

-Fundamental 3D Computer Graphics
-Introduction to 2D and 3D Animation
-Advanced Projects in Computer Art